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A secret society has infiltrated the world's most powerful organisations in the pursuit of knowledge and wealth. These sleeper agents are now revealing themselves and causing havoc across the globe. We have several missions planned over the coming weeks but we need your help.

Will you join the Hunt for the Clueminati?

The Missions

Mission: Astra

Mission 1: Astra

A member of the Clueminati has infiltrated the NASA Headquarters in Clueston and stolen an important transmission that may hold the key to unlocking secrets of the universe. Can you work out who the undercover Clueminati member is and retrieve the stolen transmission before they're able to get away?

Mission 2: Chronicle

Join the Collective League of United Explorers (C.L.U.E.) as they search for treasure left behind by the famous Sir Archibald Hanes. But when the key to discovering the location of his treasure is stolen by a member of the Clueminati, it'll be up to you to uncover their identity before it's too late.

Mission 3: Orpheus

When you discover that a member of the Clueminati has infiltrated the gang of notorious criminal Danny Badd - you'll need to go undercover to find the truth. Join the criminal underworld as you work out the identity of the Clueminati member in Clue HQ's 3rd mission: Orpheus.

Mission 4: Genesis

After months of surveillance the C.L.U. have finally uncovered the secret hideout of the Clueminati Order. Inside you find evidence to help you track down the highest ranking members of the Clueminati including their mysterious leader.

How It Works

Up to 6 Players

You can enter the game code up to 6 times, enabling that specific device & browser.

Connect From Around the World

If you're playing with other households, we recommend using a video calling app such as Skype or Zoom to discuss your progress.

Complete the Puzzles

Investigators can choose to work on the same puzzle other investigators are working on, or they can work solo on something else.

Gather the Clues

Everytime any of the investigators on your team unlocks something, it will unlock for everyone in your team.

Solve the Mystery

At the end of each mission, you'll make an arrest using the information you've found out. Remember you can only submit who you think the Clueminati member is once - so make sure it's right!

Reviews from Players

"Thoroughly enjoyed the online escape room, really hope you release more. I will definitely be booking!"
- Joanne
"The story, website and puzzles were amazing. Once we got going it felt immersive!"
- Alex
"Exactly what I'd expect from Clue HQ, high quality, great puzzles, innovative ideas."
- L McClure
"It was excellent... Have recommended to several family friends!"
- Julia

Gift Vouchers

At the request of our players, we now offer gift vouchers for our online escape room games. An online escape game makes the perfect birthday gift or family christmas present, especially as we are connecting virtually more than ever. These cost £15 and can be used for up to a year on any of our The Hunt games.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What device can I play on?

    The bigger device the better, but you can play on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC - almost anything which allows you to connect to the internet. We recommend testing your device.

    We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome on Windows/Andriod as web browser, or Safari on iOS. This is due to older browsers not supporting some of the functions inside the game, whic may make it harder to navigate.

  • Do I need to prepare anything?

    Grab some pen and paper to help you jot notes down and solve puzzles.

    Setup your video call and ensure everyone is logged in before you start the game!

  • When can I play?

    Game times are advertised. You can start your game at any time between the start time and the end time. You must be finished before the end time, or the game will lock you out.

  • My team is larger than 6 people - can we still play?

    We would recommend in this instance splitting into two smaller teams. We've found that teams larger than around 6 people can complete the game really quickly and miss out on puzzles others are solving.

  • Do you support large bookings?

    Absolutely! We've hosted quite a number of corporate, team-building and educational groups so if you're interested, please contact us to discuss.

  • Where can I find help for clues?

    Inside the online escape room game there is a help tab for each puzzle. You can also email us but this might be a little bit longer. We'll always respond as fast as possible during the games but wait times will vary.

  • I haven't received any game emails - what do I do?

    Firstly, please check your junk folder, this is most likely the issue. If it's not there, you can retrieve it by entering your order details at

    If your details aren't being accepted there, there might have been a typo when you made the booking. Please get in touch via the contact form on this page.

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